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Telehealth Treatment


Board Certified Psychiatrists located in Sacramento, CA

The foundation of telehealth lies at the intersection of healthcare, the internet, and technology. Certified psychiatrists provide healthcare information and services via different technologies and communication systems to patients who are physically absent at the time of treatment. According to the American Medical Association, 27% of physicians are psychiatrists who utilize telehealth therapy to identify and treat common chronic illnesses and behavioral issues.

Human Touch Behavioral Health is a reputable firm that comprises a board of certified psychiatrists offering top-notch telehealth services in Sacramento and Elk Grove, California. Archana Trivedi, MD, and her team are one of the most trusted telehealth providers in California, expanding telemental health services beyond the walls of a doctor’s office.

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Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth means diagnosing acute and chronic illness symptoms and offering mental health therapy to patients via video conferencing apps, landline or wireless communication systems, mobile applications, and other streaming services. Telehealth services became significantly popular following the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling patients to access medical attention from the comfort of their homes.

Human Touch Behavioral Health provides a broad range of telemental health services and telehealth psychiatric services. With effective video conferencing, you can see your consultant, describe your health issues, and receive professional diagnosis and treatment whether you’re at home, your workplace or traveling.

Anyone physically unable to visit a healthcare facility can now enjoy optimum healthcare services by reaching out to telehealth experts in Sacramento via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and an active internet connection.

How can I book a telehealth appointment?

Booking a telehealth appointment is pretty simple. All you have to do is visit the Human Touch Behavioral Health website and schedule an appointment. Our agent will then reach out to you with simple instructions like setting up your video conferencing platform or connecting to the internet. At the time of your scheduled appointment, you will have to log in to the designated platform, and our consultant will join the video call right away.

You are to follow the same process for general medical consultation. Patients can also review their progress and book more telehealth therapy sessions in the future.

At Human Touch Behavioral Health, our team also caters to medical prescriptions if need be. Our personalized treatment plan will help you get the best out of your telehealth therapy.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

Availing telehealth services from Human Touch Behavioral Health allows patients to enjoy a myriad of benefits for their mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Here’s how telehealth services can help you:


Those who don’t have easy access to transportation or have limited mobility can reach out to telehealth providers in Sacramento to aid their condition without leaving their homes.


Remote appointments are time-saving. Telehealth services spare you the time spent in commute and the long hours spent in the waiting rooms of healthcare facilities.

Continued follow-ups

Having regular appointments at a healthcare facility can be a hassle if you have to be there each time. Fortunately, telehealth doesn’t require you to come to the clinic for continued follow-up consultations. You can reach out to our telehealth providers via video conferencing for timely appointments, preventing delays in your progress. Thus, telehealth helps you maintain a stable and positive plan for your health.

Human Touch Behavioral Health believes in personalized care, and telehealth is the key to providing a customized healthcare plan to our patients. If you are looking for expert telehealth providers, give us a call and book your appointment today!


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