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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say


"The doctor here exemplifies the name. Compassion means to bear with the suffering of others and she addresses wellness with kindness."


"This is the best psychiatrist I have ever seen in my life. Thanks to Dr. Trivedi I can now enjoy life and myself as well. I'm indebted to her."

Sean D.

After quite a long time of struggling with sleep & depression issues I feel I finally found some much needed relief in the form of the TMS treatments. I had visited with a number of local doctors here in Sacramento and as far away as Stanford. I was prescribed multiple sleep aids and antidepressants over this long course of pursuing relief. When I finally found my way to Human Touch it started with various antidepressants - some of which helped but never achieved what I found to be “good enough “. After about 18 months I was hoping to try a different approach. That is when I started the TMS treatments. Committing to this series is a large commitment in time. For me it was 5 days a week for about 7 weeks. I found it to be painless and very easy. They were always ready for me upon arrival allowing me to be in and out for a total of about 20-minutes per visit. Most importantly was the end result. While all of my sleep issues are not 100% resolved there have definitely improved and my depression is now behind me. If you’re an individual dealing with depression and medication has not been effective I personally would strongly recommend TMS.

Cathy L.

I have been in therapy off and on (ok, mostly on) for over 25 years and Victoria is one of the best therapists I've had over these many years. She is kind, understanding, and very helpful. She listens to me and then responds thoughtfully. I understand she often has a waiting list (which turns over frequently as therapy at Dr. Trevidi's practice is a 12-week program) but Victoria is well worth a short wait. I also want to give kudos to Katelynn in the TMS department ~ she is an amazing TMS tech! When you see the same TMS tech for 3 months, 5X/week, her upbeat attitude and caring nature make the time go by quickly. Thank you Victoria and Katelynn!!

Vanessa S.

I have noticed that since the end of summer this office has fallen apart, the staff seem unhappy and depressed. It’s under new management and the new manager is not up to par. If you have depression and anxiety, why would you want to seek help where all the staff is depressed and anxious. Makes no since. I’ve seen Destiny treat the staff badly and I encourage them to report her.

Mari W.

I recently completed TMS with Dr. Trivedi and her staff for depression. I've had a long journey with no success from first line anti-depressants and felt helpless with finding the right treatment. Dr. Trivedi started me on TMS and treated other causes that were contributing to my depression. After completing TMS, I felt a huge weight off me. I've never had results close to this with other anti depressants. Her staff were always welcoming and accommodated my schedule. My experience with other psychiatrist is that because I walk in not looking disheveled they wouldn't believe I had significant depression. But Dr. Trivedi listened and took my word for it and was able to find the right regimen for me. I'm feeling very grateful.

John S.

I just want to thank Danielle the office manager. I had been having a horrible time with the office's billing Kerry and once I went above her to the office manager all my problems were solved. Danielle took care of it and straightened it all out and was very kind. I had a major problem with getting my refill for a week and as soon as I told her she made sure I got it that same day. I know I am a pest calling over and over again and she answered each time I had a question and was patient with me calm and always nice.

J L.

The office manager Daniela is so fine and nice. I miss suboxone group and front desk is nice.

Vanessa S.

I just want to say that whenever there is any problem and I call Destiny always passes my message along to Danielle the manager and she responds promptly with the sweetest most caring tone and always every single time solves my problem quickly and I end up with a smile after hanging up with these two girls ever time. Sandy in the front as well, you Dr. Trivedi and these three girls of yours are really what makes a difference in this world. There’s no question when it comes to you all caring. I’m so thankful to be in your guys’ hands.

V S.

I Love Dr. Trivedi and Daniella, the office manager. I have bad anger problems. It doesn’t take much to make me mad. I always feel so much better after talking to Daniella, she can always calm me down. Anytime I have a problem she fixes it right away no matter who it’s with or what it’s regarding She really listens, REALLY. You can tell she really cares about you and wants to help. That’s very rare these days anywhere. I’ve also seen her calm down some very angry and mean patients. She has a warm kind feel but also very serious. She handles that office and patients well.

Stacy G.

I am so happy that I found this office and this doctor. She is so caring and the staff is so professional and I love talking with Destiny who answers the phones. She’s a nice girl.

Louis G.

I am very pleased with how helpful and nice the office manager Danielle is, she was able to help me very quickly and she is so pleasant to talk to.

H C.

The most kind and caring. I witnessed first hand the most kind and gentle woman from this office (Arden) helping a patient through a very hard time. I haven't ever seen someone so patient and kind. The patient was manic and suicidal the girl came out to help and she was able to calm the patient just with her calming and kind voice and words. I thought that she was a nurse or therapist but I later found out that she is the office manager. I see her picture on this website that her name is Danielle, she should get 100 stars. She really cares for us patients and that truly matters. God Bless her.

Cynthia S.

I have had experiences with different doctors and their staff. Here at Human Touch I have found Arnecia to be receptive, kind and she has great listening skills. The front office staff are pleasant and do a great job at making me feel welcome. I have found that having a comfortable place to seek treatment makes it easier to truly express my issues and they are met with compassion. Thanks, Human Touch!

A M.

Lifesavers. Providers and staff are lifesavers. Thank you for all your help, compassion and dedication to saving my life.

Bonnie C.

Dr. Trivedi and her staff are the BEST I've ever known. She truly listens and has saved my life, for sure. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with mental health issues.

Anon Y.

Love this office and the staff. Everyone is very helpful. Dr. Trivede and TMS is really saving my life. Thank you all.

Baily K.

I really love both of the offices Monica is so nice to see her every visit at the front with a smile and cheerful attitude. I feel comfortable with Dr. Trivedi, she is the best doctor I have ever had. She actually cares and listens. I want to give both offices 5 stars and all the staff 5 stars there is only one in particular that I don't care for. she is rude and ghetto and that is Krista one of the office managers. She needs to work on her people skills. She will get no stars from me.

Meagan O.

Love Dr. Trivedi. I can always count on her. She is very understanding and kind. The two receptionists really put me at ease and in a better mood. Im happy to see that the dark haired office manager is back, I didn't catch her name, she has the sweetest personality and you can tell she really cares about the patients here.

O P.

I met with Sunita and was thinking of bad things doing bad things. I was nervous and shaking. She helped me. The office manager was very kind and patient, called to check on me. Talked me down from hurting myself and got me in with therapist. I can’t thank Sunita, Danielle and Vicktoria enough. I’m still struggling but I know they are there for me.

Shirley S.

Thank you Arnecia for being so great, always taking your time with me and truly listening to my issues.

Brian M.

Dr. Trivedi and Angela are life savers, I have been both in and outpatient several times but when I need them, they’re always there for me. I’m grateful for the office staff and technicians. When I’m feeling my worst, and didn’t feel like I could smile ever again two technicians Monica and Danielle both got me to smile. I enjoy my visits and TMS is a blessing. I would recommend this Dr. Trivedi to anyone needing help.

Janet R.

Dr. Trivedi saved my life. I love Elk Grove Office. Danielle is so sweet and compassionate. Dr. Trivedi and Danielle make any day I go in a good day. Everyone at both locations is very patient with me. Thank you for that.

Nancy C.

I absolutely love Dr. Trivedi and the new Elk Grove office is beautiful. Im very impressed with the office staff Monica in the reception is very nice and a beautiful smile to see walking in and Danielle the office manager is very sweet and helpful. Beautiful, polite girls for an amazing doctor and beautiful office. Dr. Trivedi is hands down the best doctor I have ever had. Very pleased with my care there.

Marie B.

I recently completed TMS treatment for major depression. The treatment was every weekday for 6 weeks. It was very inconvenient having to come every day, but it was worth it because I'm feeling much better.

Angela H.

Dr. Trivedi is the absolute best around. She has extensive knowledge in her field and has been there every step of the way to ensure I receive the best care.