About Us

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Human Touch Behavioral Health is a comprehensive mental health practice in Sacramento, California, offering medication management, therapy, and other mental health services in the same convenient office. Board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Archana Trivedi and her staff are dedicated to creating a welcoming, safe, supportive atmosphere where each patient can easily access the help they need.

With her long-standing interest in cross-cultural psychology, Dr. Trivedi is proud to welcome patients from all walks of life and is sensitive to the role that each person’s lived experience plays in their mental health.

At Human Touch Behavioral Health, we treat a full range of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders, and is experienced in successfully treating men and women whose condition doesn’t respond to traditional approaches. For treatment-resistant depression and anxiety, We offer transcranial magnetic stimulation. Electroconvulsive therapy is offered for treatment-resistant depression, bipolar disorder, and in an intensive outpatient program.

Dr. Trivedi is an addiction therapist. She is highly knowledgeable about the relationship between mental illness and substance use disorders. She also provides therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, to individuals, couples, and families. We also take pride in treating substance abuse disorders.

Dr. Trivedi recognizes that in times of crisis, seeing a familiar doctor is an immediate source of comfort and ultimately leads to more effective, efficient treatment. Toward that end, she makes it a priority to accommodate patients who are experiencing emergencies as soon as possible.To schedule an appointment at Human Touch Behavioral Health, call us today.