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Depression Treatment Sacramento


Board Certified Psychiatrists in Sacramento, CA

Major depressive disorder is a serious and common medical condition that affects how you act, think, and feel. Fortunately, depression is curable thanks to clinically approved depression therapy. Therefore, if you’ve been feeling empty or sad persistently, or find yourself distancing from your friends and family, and can’t seem to bounce back, you may be experiencing clinical depression.

Human Touch Behavioral Health, California, is a team of board-certified psychiatrists. The founder of the healthcare firm, Dr. Archana Trivedi, offers highly-effective depression treatment in Sacramento to help you manage depression through psychotherapy, medication, and guided lifestyle changes. Schedule an appointment now if you wish to seek professional depression counseling in Sacramento today.

Depression Q & A

1. What is a major depressive disorder?

Depression lasts longer than a regular bout of sadness; it refers to a range of symptoms and emotions. You may be experiencing depression if you:

  • Feel persistently empty, hopeless, sad, numb, or tearful, and don’t know what you can do to make yourself feel better.
  • Are losing interest in everyday activities, especially the things you once enjoyed doing
  • Have lost all focus at work, in school, or your relationships
  • Have recently gained or lost a lot of weight without meaning to
  • Have difficulty making decisions
  • Have low energy
  • Have trouble sleeping

In general, the difference between sadness and depression is that the latter noticeably affects your day-to-day functioning and well-being. If you’re struggling, seek help at Human Touch Behavioral Health. We are a depression counseling clinic near you and can help you overcome your mental health issue effectively.

2. What causes depression?

While the exact cause of depression is difficult to identify, some common risk factors include:

  • Physical illness
  • Substance abuse
  • Stress
  • Sexual abuse

Depression has biological and genetic components. Therefore, people with a history of depression in their family are more likely than others to develop depression in response to the above risk factors. However, even if you have a family member with depression, you may experience the condition differently.

3. What treatments are available for depression?

Dr. Trivedi is the best depression therapist in Sacramento who treats the condition with a combination of medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes. At Human Touch Behavioral Health, we offer effective therapy approaches for depression including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which focuses on recognizing and changing negative thought patterns.

Our board-certified psychiatrists may also prescribe antidepressant medications, such as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), which can control and reduce your symptoms dramatically. Effective medication can make you more receptive to the positive effects of therapy.

When treating depression, Dr. Trivedi will assess your lifestyle and environmental factors that may have contributed to your condition. She may recommend the following:

  • Regular exercise
  • Eating a nutritious diet
  • Strengthening your support network
  • Abstaining from drugs and alcohol
  • Participating in activities that give you a sense of purpose

When combined with therapy and medication, these lifestyle changes can be very effective for reducing depression symptoms and preventing them from recurring.

To get help for depression, schedule an appointment with Dr. Trivedi by calling Human Touch Behavioral Health today.


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