Substance Abuse

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Substance Abuse

Board Certified Psychiatrists in Sacramento, CA

Substance abuse refers to the illegal use of drugs, alcohol, or over-the-counter medications to the point where you are no longer able to perform your everyday tasks properly. Substance abuse leads to emotional, psychological, and social distress. If you or anyone you know is currently going through this problem in Sacramento, feel free to reach out to Human Touch Behavioral Health. Our board-certified psychiatrists offer effective substance abuse treatment in Sacramento, CA to ensure you and your loved ones can live a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Substance Abuse – Q & A

1. What is substance abuse?

Also known as drug abuse, substance abuse is the hazardous use of psychoactive substances that can have fatal consequences. If you’re looking for substance abuse treatment in Sacramento city, call Human Touch Behavioral Health.

2. How many types of substance abuse are there?

While there may be more types of substance abuse, the most common ones are as follows:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Illegal drug abuse
  • Solvent abuse

3. What are the causes of substance abuse?

The exact causes of substance abuse remain unknown. However, several external factors can cause a person to consider using excessive drugs and consuming alcohol. These factors are:

  • Sleep problems
  • Family problems
  • Financial problems
  • Medical history
  • Lack of parental attachment during childhood
  • Chronic pain

4. How does Human Touch Behavioral Health treat substance abuse?

Human Touch Behavioral Health offers effective drug addiction treatment in Sacramento with the following approaches:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Medication management
  • Use of medical devices and applications

5. Where can I find drug counseling near me?

Are you looking for effective drug counseling near you? Reach out to Human Touch Behavioral Health if you’re in Sacramento and require drug addiction therapy.


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