Marriage & Family Therapy

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Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage & Family Therapy

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Relationships, including romantic partnerships and ties between family members, take hard work. When a person struggles, the support and understanding of their loved ones is crucial. That’s why board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Archana Trivedi provides compassionate marriage and family therapy at Human Touch Behavioral Health in Sacramento, California. To schedule an appointment, call Human Touch Behavioral Health today.

Marriage & Family Therapy Q & A

What is marriage therapy?

Marriage therapy, also known as couples therapy, is a therapeutic approach designed to strengthen the relationship between romantic partners. Though Dr. Trivedi is experienced in working with couples who present a wide range and concerns, goals for marriage therapy include:

  • Greater understanding of yourself, your partner, and your relationship
  • More effective communication and better conflict resolution
  • Deeper satisfaction within the partnership

You and your partner don’t have to wait until a problem threatens your relationship to go to couples therapy. Even if you just have a general sense that something’s wrong, marriage therapy can help you identify and work on these issues.

In marriage therapy, Dr. Trivedi develops clear objectives and solutions for addressing problems in your relationship. The therapy approach is designed to be short-term and focused on specific goals.

What is family therapy?

The purpose of family therapy is to address issues that affect relationships between family members, with the goal of improving overall family functioning. Though family therapy is a short-term, goal-oriented intervention, it’s designed to deepen relationships and improve communication in the long term.

Family therapy looks at each person’s role in family functioning. You may seek family therapy for issues such as:

  • Behavioral problems in children and teens and parent-child conflict
  • Major changes such as a relocation or new member moving into the household, such as a foster child or grandparent
  • A family member with a mental illness or substance use disorder

Depending on your situation, Dr. Trivedi may advise including your entire family in therapy. However, that’s not always possible or necessary, and the model is equally effective for traditional and nontraditional family relationships.

What are the benefits of seeking marriage and family therapy over individual therapy?

When you need help, your first thought may be individual therapy, rather than marriage and family therapy. Though individual therapy is highly beneficial for many people, marriage and family therapy is a distinct treatment approach with unique benefits.

Marriage and family therapy strengthens your relationships and helps you better understand both yourself and your partner or family members. In turn, you become more capable of working through problems together. Also, strong relationships more generally promote good mental health.

As an experienced psychiatrist and addiction therapist, Dr. Trivedi may discover the need for further treatment, including individual therapy and addiction treatment, while conducting marriage and family therapy. That means family therapy can be a springboard for your mental health treatment, not just a way to supplement individual therapy.

To learn more about marriage and family therapy, call Human Touch Behavioral Health today.


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