Personality Disorder

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Personality Disorder Treatment

Personality Disorder

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Personality disorders are mental illnesses that severely affect how you behave, function, and think. Individuals with personality disorders are less likely to perceive and relate to other people and situations. Unfortunately, identifying a personality disorder is challenging because the way you think and behave might seem natural to you. However, if you continue to feel distrustful toward others, blame people for your hardships, or have trouble showing loyalty to others, know that you might have a personality disorder.

Human Touch Behavioral Health offers significant personality disorder treatment to help you overcome your inner challenges. We offer BDP therapy, dissociative identity disorder treatment, and other personality disorder treatments in Sacramento. Call us today if you wish to contact a BDP therapist near you.

Personality Disorder – Q & A

1. What are the symptoms of personality disorder?

Here are some symptoms that might suggest that you have a personality disorder:

  • Holding grudges
  • Perceiving non-threatening and innocent remarks as attacks or insults.
  • Hesitant to trust others
  • Feeling that others are conspiring against you
  • Feeling suspicious of others
  • Aggression and hostile behavior
  • Lack of emotions
  • Disregard for other people’s feelings
  • Impulsive behavior, and more.

2. Is personality disorder treatable?

Yes. Human Touch Behavioral Health is a personality disorder treatment center near you that offers effective medicinal and therapeutic approaches to resolve your mental illness.

3. How many types of personality disorders are there?

There are mainly 3 major types of personality disorders, namely histrionic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and antisocial personality disorder.

4. What causes personality disorders?

A personality disorder may be genetic or inherited. Therefore, people who have a family history of personality disorder are more likely to develop this mental illness than others. However, a few risk factors that might result in personality disorder include:

  • A traumatic childhood
  • Having experienced sexual abuse
  • Environmental influences
  • Neglect


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