Eating Disorder

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Eating Disorder Sacramento

Eating Disorder

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An eating disorder is a severe physical and mental illness that involves abnormal eating behaviors. It is more than just a lifestyle choice and is defined by disturbances in body weight, shape, thoughts, behaviors, and attitude to eating and food. In the worst case, an eating disorder can be life-threatening.

Human Touch Behavioral Health offers effective eating disorder treatment. We have board-certified psychiatrists who offer eating disorder treatment near you using a customized and personalized approach. Dr. Archana Trivedi utilizes medication and therapeutic sessions to help you overcome your mental illness. Thus, call us today to get in touch with a professional eating disorder therapist near you.

Eating Disorder – Q & A

1. What is an eating disorder?

Eating disorders are a range of psychological conditions such as obsession with body shape, weight, or food.

2. Where can I find an eating disorder clinic in Sacramento?

If you’re looking for a professional eating disorder specialist near you in Sacramento, contact Human Touch Behavioral Health today. We are a group of board-certified psychiatrists who offer premium and high-quality therapeutic solutions to help individuals overcome their mental illnesses.

3. What are the symptoms of eating disorders?

Overexercising, vomiting, food binges, severe food restriction, dramatic weight loss, intense fear of weight gain, refusing to eat certain foods, denying feeling hungry, cooking meals without eating, excuses to avoid mealtime, excuses to eat even if you’re not hungry, etc. are some common symptoms of eating disorders.

4. Can eating disorders be treated?

Yes. Human Touch Behavioral Health provides effective and affordable therapeutic and medication treatments to resolve mental health issues, including but not limited to eating disorders. Our eating disorder specialist will review your family history, evaluate the cause of your behavior, and offer customized therapy to help you improve your lifestyle.

5. What causes eating disorders?

People who have a history of mental health issues in their family are more likely to develop eating disorders. While the exact cause of your eating disorder may remain unknown some common risk factors include:

  • Genetics
  • Impulsivity
  • Perfectionism
  • Neuroticism
  • Pressure to be thin
  • Depression


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